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Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!!

It's a week before the race, and I'm happy to say that I have more racers registered that we had last year.  Also we have great participation from last years top ten, including last years champion, Jesse Gould, who was being gapped by about 10-20 seconds per lap by Andrew Demay.  Jesse made a tactical decision to use the Tequila Shot Shortcut the last few laps to snatch victory in the final lap.

I am overjoyed that the Tequila Shot Shortcut is significant enough that it comes into play on race day.  Sure it was originally intended as a novelty.  Somewhere I read a article that a good cyclocross track should force the rider to make decisions.  (even if there are no good alternatives)  Speaking objectively, the section avoided by the shortcut is a god-awful section of track.  Out and back with a nice climb.  It will suck the life out of you faster than a co-dependent relationship.  Typically the TSS will buy about 30-45 seconds against an elite rider, 2-3 days against a sport clydesdale. 

The registration emails have contained a lot of big talk about utilizing the TSS.  All I can say is, there are cyclists, and there are drinkers, very few can do both well at the same time. 

Remember, Talk is cheap... and so is our Tequila!

Last years Top Ten: 

1 Gould, Jesse - In
2 Demey, Andrew - Unconfirmed
3 Riggs, Paul  - In
4 Seaman, Michael - In
5 Teitelbaum, Jake  - Unconfirmed
6 Marxer, Damon - Unconfirmed
7 Oday, Ken - In
8 Poirier, Jeff - In
9 Manges, David - In
10 Snyder, Collin - Unconfirmed

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