Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Video of the 2010 Racing Greyhounds Cyclocross at Dorias.

Detroit Invitational Cyclocross

By popular demand, the Racing Greyhounds will be hosting the Detroit Invitational Cyclocross again at Dorias Park in Detroit Michigan. The date will be determined in the next week or so. We are looking at Nov 26th

I've gotten a lot of great feedback at the last few races I've attended. We had about 100 spectators and competitors, my goal is to triple that this year and still keep unsanctioned, undiciplined and awesome.

-The race will remain unsanctioned, fun and a bit silly. Focus on a good time and crowd-racer interaction

-The race will be free
(although we will offer a "VIP registration" for $100 that will give you access to an exclusive Tequila Shot Shortcut lane that will serve Patron + some swag)

-The course will remain basically the same, though I will be adding a few refinements like tight off-camber corners to make the course more "cyclocross'-esque.

-We have an electronic timing system.

I'm getting ready to fire up the Hype machine, so if you have any media or stories from last years race, please PM me and I'll get in touch with you, or simply post it in the comments.

Jeff Wood
Aka: the CX Czar