Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DICX is ten days away - Register Now!

We are ten days away and things are really shaping up.  I was at the park this weekend, to evaluate what had to be done and to start potting the course.   When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the park was largely clear of litter, and that the tired, broken playground had all been replaced with new equipment.  All graffiti free.

This echos a thought that I have had throughout this year.  That Detroit is turning the corner.  For the first time in my 47 years, I believe things are better today, then they were yesterday... and tomorrow will probably be better as well.  Hope vs Hopelessness

That's not to say that everything has been resolved.  Detroit still has a long way to go.  But anyone who's worked themselves out of a seemingly insurmountable situation knows that the first moment that you can see improvement is incredibly energizing.   If you want to help us prep the park (mow, sweep & hang out) we will be at the park Saturday 22nd at 10 am,


We are currently down a bit on Pre-Registrations.  For those who may not be aware, It is infinetly easier to preregister, that to do it day-of. (seriously, it's a hassle)  All you have to do is email and say: "I want to race" and tell me if you are a man or a woman, and if you are fast or slow.  (Or don't... and i'll draw my own conclusions.)

 For the first time, we will have two distinct classes for the men:

  1. Gentlemen Racer Class - 45 min - 12 Noon start (for Cat 4,5 & Beginners)
  2. Over-competitive Prick Class - 1 hour - 11am start  (Cat 1,2,3 & people who still look sinewy after Thanksgiving) 
We wanted to give the fast guys an opportunity to be fast.  And don't worry, we have a plan so the bantam weights don't poison themselves (to death) at the Tequila Shot Shortcut.

The prizes are the same for all classes:  A growler beer from Liberty Street Brewing Co, A DICX T Shirt from Ducky Detroit, A Road ID Gift certificate, and a special set of custom brass knuckles made by Motorless City Bicycles.  (2nd and 3rd in each class will get an assortment of the above prizes)  Pretty baddass!

But I know what you are thinking, "Jeffro, even with the addition of the Gentlemen Racer heavyweight-subnovice class I have no chance in hell of finishing on the same lap as the top three...I'll be happy to leave the park under my own power"   It's OK.  if you preregister (by emailing we've received a ton of swag & some free race entries from Tailwind and Kisscross.  We'll be raffling it off to preregister racers.

The key is to pre-register:

The CX Czar

Ps: I'll be posting every day as the race approaches, so keep coming back, and bring your friends