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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm clearly ready for this....

I did my first real CX race last Sunday (yes, in that snow) so I'm clearly ready for this one.

... clearly, you have no idea what you have just gotten yourself into. 

I love the naivety of this statement.   To me, this is like a college freshmen, attending her first frat party, saying to her roomate: "I know how to drink, the pastor gives us wine at comunion" 

To me,  This is like witnessing a hallmark moment.  A young lad, one race under his belt.  Beaming with confidence... Uunknowingly, he will soon be forced to go way beyond his comfort zone.  If he survives the experience, he will have gained a wider understanding of himself and the universe (as well as a Facebook status that may include photos of him doing bumps of adderall off the boots of a dominatrix*)

In all seriousness, the course is tough.  Unfortunatly there is not enough time to improve your fitness base. 

Speaking of assertive women, the ladies class has expanded to seven very well qualified racers.  I'd like to get it above 10.  I think I'll throw in a gift certificate to "Title 9" to sweeten the pot.

Still accepting registration for both Women & Men.  Keep them coming!

The Cx Czar

*don't judge... it could be you.... better unfriend Mom & Dad just in case

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