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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Tree Farmers Have entered the Fray!

I received the first accepted application from the founders of (in my humble opinion) the most fun mountain bike event in Michigan... Team Tree Farm!

Their application is so good I'm considering amending the rules to accommodate a five man team.

Who's going to be Next?

I'd like to throw my hat in the ring for the cyclocross race you are proposing. I'd also like to enter my teammates as well....we'd need 5 entries and here is why you want us:

11 - Our list starts at 11
10 - We invented drinking beer and riding.
9 - We'll make sure the tequila shortcut gets plenty of use.
8 - We bring our own cowbell/cheering section.
7 - Did I mention we invented this shit?
6 - Guaranteed not to win but we may drink all the beer.
5 - Clown colored jerseys make great photo ops!
4 - We have multiple beer connections.....
3 - We are Team Tree Farm; we are typing this from a bar!
2 - You come to our race, we'll come to yours!

And the number one reason......

1 - if we don't get in, we'll crash it anyway


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