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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Invitational Cyclocross - December 4th 2010 - Detroit Michigan

I've decided to host my own Cyclocross.

For the last several years I've competed in or witnessed some of the most unique cyclocross events in North America and would like to incorporate the best of these events into our own quazi-competitive event in the motor city.

My race team, The RACING GREYHOUNDS!,  has an internal racing series that is made up of numerous public and private events designed to encourage cross discipline competition and team comradere (as well as internal trash talk and squabbling).  These events include Time trials, Criteriums, mountain bike races, Triathlons, duathlons, as well as night mountain bike races, Iceman and of course cyclocross races like the Mad Anthony.   As CX Team Captain, it is my responsibility to create a unique season ending cyclocross event that will follow those guidelines as well as punish all of those not familiar with the delicate art of Cyclocross (I'm looking at you tri-team)   While planning this event, it was obvious that the best part of racing cyclocross is the fan/ racer interaction.  It was obvious that we needed to have two races: The first for Greyhounds Team Points race and the Second to celebrate all of our friends and competitors that made this past year great.

For the better part of a year I have been scheming er... examining unique events for which to draw upon.

Inspirational events included (but are not limited to):
 Bilenky Junkyard Cyclocross Race

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships

Cross Vegas

What will this Cyclocross race have to offer?

First of all, it will be a cyclocross race... designed to favor those of us that race with drop bars and skinny tires.  The course will have rolling hills, off camber turns, barrier sections (w/ real barriers no PVC) fast sections to recover and brutal run ups designed to challenge you and stimulate your senses.  It will not contain miles of flat tape mazes going back and forth over a soccer fields.  If you finish the race without thinking "That was the coolest cyclocross course I've ever ridden" I didn't do my job.  

This is not a UCI or USA Cycling event, so all of those silly rules that limit your endorphin release like the number of barriers that you can put in succession or limit food handoffs under a certain temperature will all be eliminated.  There will be no "Fun Governors" at this race.  Basic cross rules will apply, just not the stupid ones.  Also, there is no "One Day License Fee... In fact there is no fee what so ever.  That's right, this race is "Free" as in beer.

What the race will have:
45 minutes + a lap
A prologue
Preems, preems and more Preems!
A high speed section with 40 degree banking specifically built for cycling (hint) 
Tequila Shot Shortcut
A Death Spirial to end all death spirals 
Beer/dollar Grabs
Team Competition
Fabulous prizes**
Post Race Thaw out at local micro brewery just up the road

Sound Awesome?  That's 'cause it will be. 

How do you enter?
 I'll be taking the first thirty or so applicants to email me at cxczar@gmail.com  Please include elaborative verbage as to why you deserve to race in a cool event like this.  Please include team affiliations (real or not).   Maybe you are an blindingly fast racer, maybe you are an awesome dude to hang out with, maybe you'll bring a large aluminum container of a frosty malt beverage and are looking to share.  The point is, be fun, be creative... the  best responses will receive a call up to the best starting positions.  I'll reply with details, Like time and place.  

Also, in the next week,  I'll doing my best to contact bike shops & racing teams, encouraging them to compete.  If your team hasn't received any information, just direct them to this blog & my email.


AKA: the CX Czar

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  1. Make sure you contact Kinetics in Clarkston, they have a huge CX team!