Friday, November 13, 2015

Detroit Invitational Cyclocross 2015 - November 28th

We are doing it again!  For the sixth consecutive year we are putting on the most diabolically fun cyclocross (and this year running!) race around.  Totally free! Thanks to the collaboration of the Racing Greyhounds Cycling team, The Velvet Elvis Cycling team and the hard work of dozens of volunteers.  Including prize donations from Liberty Street Brewing, Motorless City Bicycles, Cycle to Fitness and race promotors from around the state.

This year the race schedule is as follows:

9am Running race, Mens open, Ladies open - 2 laps
10 am Racing Greyhound Team Points Series - 30 Min
11 am Gentlemen Racer - 30 minutes
11:45 Youth & Kids Race
12:00 Lady Racer - 45 min
12:01 Overcompetitive Prick Class - 45 min

All times estimated, all fees nonexistent

The "Tequila shot shortcut" will be active for all races, with the exception of the youth and kids race, where an age acceptable substitute will be available. (most likely a kale smoothie) 

To register email: cxczar at

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